As everything in life, sports require great dedication and discipline in order to achieve improvements. The greater the training period of athletes, the closer they get to perfection. And it is not different for Practical Shooting.

GUGA RIBAS Targets were made aiming to help shooters in training sessions, so they can be better prepared for the competitions. There are four different targets: Classic, Universal Target (Rifle) – used in rifle competitions – Mini and Super Mini.

All of them are made of cardboard and follow IPSC world standards, with the same sizes and measures. The single exception is the Super Mini Target, which is not endorsed by IPSC. With 34% of the classical size, the target was developed by Guga Ribas with the purpose of testing athletes’ precision even more. It can be used for dry fire or with airsoft.



Targets Available

Classic | Universal Target (Rifle) | Mini | Super Mini.

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