Magnetic Magazine Pouch

Fast and Safety

The Magnetic Magazine Pouch GR has the sames characteristics of the Magazine Pouch GRV1: strength and durability. And like the holster GR FSH-OFA, this products are universal and ambidextrous.

This model brings as differential, first of all, the speed of handling the charger trough the magnet with a strong power of attraction. Besides, the magnetic piece mades the charger be deposited and removed easily and fast, keeping strong and safe to fall. its possible to equip two full charges in only one Magnetic Magazine Pouch GR.

Like the Magazine Pouch GRV1, this product can also be released and removed from the belt, simplifying the transport of the equipment and bringing commodity to the athlete, in seconds its possible to disassembles and guard it , saving space in the backpack GR FDS.

Porta-Carregador Magnético GR | GR Magnetic Magazine Pouch Porta Carregador Magnético Frontal










*The GR Magnetic Magazine Pouch has a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defaults. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or improper use of the product, therefore it is important for the customer to contact us so we can evaluate each individual case.




Magnet: Ideal for who already has the magazine pouch GRV1 and wants to have two options of magazines pouch in your rig.

Magnet+strap: For who wants to add the Magnetic Magazine Pouch GR to your rig and than have two options of magazines pouch to use at the same time.

Magnet+Magazine Pouch GRV1: Its the two in one of the magazines pouch. When the strap fix at the belt, its possible to change in simple way of the Magnetic Magazine Pouch for the traditional magazine pouch.


Magnet: silver with a gold capsule.
Strap: Black | Gray | Yellow


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