GR Scope Protector

Never again let the sun or the smoke get in your way!

We are once again innovating for you! Now there is no way to miss one second because of the sun influence in your vision or even the smoke that goes up between two shots taking away precious seconds. With the newest GR product you won’t have to be worried with that day when the sun is exactly on your face and don’t let you see the red dot. And more, don’t worry anymore with the smoke of the gun. The Scope Protector maintains the GR products elegancy, and above that makes your performance better giving your gun a new visual. Don’t miss even one second for the sun and the smoke. Watch the video.

The GR Scope Protector fits in the following C-more systems:

- serendipity – railway – scout – slideride – tactical *Do not work with model sts.


Black, White, Yellow, Gray.  

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