Ammo Handi-Carrier

Practicality when storing ammunition

Meet the new models of the​ ​GR Handi-carrier: a versatile bag, designed specifically to fit into the lower compartment of ammunition ​of the​ ​GR​ ​FDS​ ​Backpacks and allows the shooter to carry 06 high capacity​ ​magazines, ammunition , empty capsules, documents and small accessories. If the shooter does not need or do not want to carry your​ ​GR​ ​FDS​ ​Backpack to the stand , the new GR​ ​Handi-Carrier​ ​was tailored to the athlete organize​ ​his material.



Available color

Black – Details: yellow

Image gallery

*Illustrative images. Ammo magazines not included.

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