What you need to start

As soon as someone feels they want to practice the sport they must find a shooting club and go to the Army with the documentation needed to take out the Registration Certificate (RC). This certificate is essential for athletes to begin competing, and to become a federate and confederate member of the Brazilian Practical Shooting Confederation (CBTP).

Safety is the first rule for Practical Shooting

Constant attention to safety is the key to regulating the sport. The athletes, therefore, must enter the shooting stand fully aware of the rules, and any mistake may disqualify them.

Basic rules | Getting ready to start the match

Range Officer (RO) gives instructions before starting proof.

Range Officer (RO) gives instructions before starting proof.

Before starting the competition, the Range Officer (RO) in charge of supervising and accompanying the shooter’s entire performance checks the stand conditions. He then stipulates a time for the athletes to get to know it. This is important for the shooters to outline their strategies. The athletes need to follow the judge’s briefing exactly before he authorizes the start of the match, and is called a walk-through or reconnaissance. Everyone leaves the range and the RO starts calling each athlete in turn.

Each shooter must enter with an unloaded gun and show it to the RO. Only after this will the RO authorize him or her to load the gun and place it in the holster. The match begins only after the RO has fired the first shot.

During the match | A few disqualifying items

  • The athlete must not turn more than 90° to either side with the loaded gun and must use as reference axis the “bullet-screen”, announced by the RO together with the course briefing.
  • Pressing the trigger more than once;
  • Accidental shot while reloading the gun;
  • Dropping the loaded gun on the ground.