IWA Outdoor Classics

The year 2018 was our first IWA, and until the current days we are still surprise with the great success of that event. One of the high points of the last show was that 2 huge companies that we really appreciate (Prommersbergger and Phoenix) invited us to share the booth in 2019, at the main hall. So, after one year we have everything ready to receive you at the Nurnberg Messe – Hall 7A booth 320.

IWA 2018

Help us to make a 2019 even better then 2018! Come see the new products that we will launch during the year, and also only to have a nice time having good conversations. If you have the interest in appoint any commercial meeting with us please, send an email to sales@gugaribas.com.br, we’ll be always at your disposal!!

The GR team wishes you all the best and we hope to see you soon.