Practical Shooting (Since 1997)

For an even better Practical Shooting

Excelling his own expectations for the first year in the new sport he came fifth in the national ranking. When the first placed dropped out he was invited to join the Brazilian team consisting of the four best so far in the ranking. That same year of 1997, the Brazilian team competed in the 1st Latin American IPSC Shooting and was champion. Guga, who came fourth individually, was the best athlete in the Brazilian team, then in his first international participation. According to Practical Shooting athlete Cesar Castro, Guga Ribas was chiefly responsible for the progress of Practical Shooting in Brazil, starting with mobilization of the athletes: “Guga arrived bringing with him his sportsman’s spirit, encouraging the Brazilian athletes to share their experiences and to provide technical enhancement similar to the USA. It was his idea to bring the best US coach, Frank Garcia, from Universal Practical Shooting Academy in Florida. Frank stayed for a year coaching the Brazilian athletes and the outcome was Brazil’s coming sixth in the 1999 World Championship in the Philippines.”

Competiton is his passion

Guga, currently 46 years old, married and father of three children, is still crazy about competing. Since his debut in Practical Shooting he has been collecting trophies and excellent places in competitions at home and abroad, such as: Winner of the European Championship (2010), five times Brazilian Champion (2000/2003/2004/2009/2010), three times team champion of the MERCOSUR Tournament (1999/2000/2001); sixth placed team in the 1999 World Championship in the Philippines; fourth individual place in the 2002 World Championship in South Africa; World Vice-Champion in Ecuador in 2005 and 2009, three times Pan-American champion.

Heraldo Ribas, president of the Brazilian Practical Shooting Confederation and the athlete’s brother, was an important figure for the former racing driver to join the shooting world. He had always practiced the sport and soon Guga became interested. Today Heraldo is his fan: “Guga is determined! A valuable characteristic for athletes and competitors. He is very dedicated, always striving to exceed his limits, while at the same time succeeding in being a partner and aggregator.” The athlete himself confirms his brother’s words when he says that his prime objective is to overcome his own limits: “When I fail to exceed them I accept them until the next training day”. And he adds that he considers himself his greatest adversary: “I always try to do my best. If my best is better than others’ best, excellent. If not, I’m please to congratulate the winner and am sure that I need to improve”.

Guga says that a competition is never won the day when it is held but in the training before it. It is always important to assess the performance in a competition, but never the achieved result. “The result is purely consequence of the performance”, Guga says, and considers enhancement to be one of the key words for success.


Since his debut in Practical Shooting, Guga Ribas has been winning titles and top places in national and international competitions:

  • Five times Brazilian Champion (2000 | 2003 | 2004 | 2009 | 2010);
  • 1stplace in the European Championship – Serbia (2010);
  • Latin American Champion (2010)
  • Three times Pan-American Champion – (2004 Brazil | 2006 Ecuador | 2009 Ecuador);
  • World vice-champion – Ecuador (2005);
  • Three-times team champion of the MERCOSUR Tournament – (1999 Argentina | 2000 Brazil| 2001 Argentina);
  • 16 times champion in Regional CBTP Trials.
  • Sixth place in team in the World Championship – Philippines (1999);

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