Car Racing (1987 – 1996)

Formula Ford

1987 | Ingresso do Guga Ribas na Fórmula Ford.

In Formula Ford, Guga Ribas continued to be a strong contender on the Kart tracks. Amongst other national car racing talents, Guga competed for first place against aces Gil de Ferran and Christian Fittipaldi, for example. But the results weren’t as good as they could have been thanks to his “rowing against the tide” and disagreements with the category’s directors. His stay in Formula Ford lasted only two seasons: 1987 and 1988.

This apprenticeship was the basis for his entry into the Brazilian Championship of Brands in 1989. Amongst names such as Toninho da Matta, Ingo Hoffmann, Jorge de Freitas, Xande Negrão and Andreas Mattheis, Guga partnered with Marcelo Gomide in the first two category years. Later, in 1991, he set up his own team and together with Silvio Crema had excellent results. After two vice-championships and media and pilot recognition as references in the category, Guga decided that it was time to stop and he left at the end of 1994.

He returned to motor sports in 1996 in Stock Car racing, the main category of the national circuit. The season wasn’t good and his desire to spend more time with his family was paramount. Guga left car racing but couldn’t stop competing. And the following year he was already into another sport: Practical Shooting.


Guga Ribas is a reference in Brazilian car racing. Check out the athlete’s top prizes:

  • World Kart Championship: Champion (1986), and 11th place (1985)
  • Brazilian Olympic Committee Best Car Racing athlete (1984)
  • State Formula Kart Championship: Champion (1985)
  • State Championship of 1st 125cc Category: Champion (1985) | Vice (1981)
  • State Championship of FIA 1st 100cc Category: Champion (1980)
  • State Championship of 2nd 125cc Category: Vice-champion (1979)
  • State Championship of 4th Minor Category: Vice-champion (1978)
  • Debut trial in 4th Minor Category: Winner (1977)
  • Brazilian Championship in FIA 1st 100cc Category: 8 pole-position in10 races
  • State Formula Ford Championship: Vice-champion (1988)
  • Brazilian of Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championship: Vice-champion (1991|1992), Most combative driver (1991|1992) and revelation of the year (1989)
  • Record at the Jacarepaguá race track with a Constructor car (1990)

Total figures in car racing: competed in 175 races.

Pole 43 / Wins 52 / Runner-up 33 / 3rd place 17.

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