About Guga

“Always to his limit, until the next training”

Augusto Sergio de Oliveira Ribas is a pioneer. This sportsman from Rio, better known as Guga Ribas, has the privilege to include in his 19-year career in car racing a unique experience: the only non-European driver to win the world Kart championship, in 1986 in Jacksonville, Florida.

For almost twenty years Guga made history in kart and car racing, in the categories of Formula Ford, Brazilian Formula and Pilots Championship and Stock Car. In the 171 races in which he competed, he completed 57% of them among the first three positions, with 48 wins, 33 as runner up and 17 third placed, in addition to 43 pole positions.

Guga, inveterate sportsman, after leaving the race tracks in 1996, soon made his debut in Practical Shooting in IPSC and Steel Challenge categories. Today, the athlete is acknowledged as one of the top players and a benchmark for other IPSC shooters. He carries with him national and European titles plus a World vice-championship.


“Guga is a national benchmark for the sport. I notice that his presence valorizes competitions. Everyone misses him when he doesn’t compete. I already knew about him as a Kart athlete and then I met him as a shooter. In one contest I went over to talk to him and get to know him better. I was surprised how polite and natural he was and I became a fan and friend! Guga addresses his “competitor” as a friend and modestly passes on his experience.”

Marcelo Mayrink, IPSC Modified athlete